STATEMENT - PSM 18.8 CAN.S - POLISH product.

Together with the R&D department of Pylon Audio, we present the PSM 18.8 CAN.S mid-range speaker. We fully designed and manufactured this representative of the new line of STATEMENT loudspeakers. They are characterized by a number of modern technologies and unique solutions, including:

  • 'PentaCone' cellulose membrane, made of two different structures with separate parameters, created during one production cycle. The inner part of the membrane is dried with hot air while the outer part is hot pressed. This treatment allows for weight reduction while maintaining high rigidity and internal damping. The characteristic shape of the pattern eliminates standing waves and the so-called cone modes (manifested by resonances at the band edge). At the end of the technological process, the membrane is soaked with special varnishes, giving the sound its final characteristic.

  • Upper suspension made of a selected rubber compound and designed with progressive geometry. This guarantees linear operation of the vibrating system without the influence on the center of the frequency response, known from other solutions.

  • Optimized, advanced magnetic system using 5 powerful neodymium magnets, allowing achievement of very high values of the magnetic flux in the gap. The original geometry of the system, refined during many FEM simulations and tested in real conditions, together with specially selected Faraday rings, ensures an unusually symmetrical distribution of the magnetic field and minimizes the coil inductance, keeping excellent ventilation. As a result, we obtain a very low level of non-linear and modulation distortions and no sound compression.

  • Speaker coil with increased temperature resistance, wound with OFC copper wire of high purity, on a ventilated aluminum spool providing additional cooling.

  • Lower suspension made of Bimax material with ultralinear characteristics and perfect guidance of the moving parts.

  • Die-cast frame made of high-strength aluminum alloy with aerodynamically improved geometry. Streamlined arms with large openings under the cone and lower suspension neutralize reflections from the rear side of the speaker, while maintaining high rigidity for the entire structure.

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